Wooden Beach Company, One of the best furniture manufacturers in the children’s room, teenage and younger, which produces the following products:

  • Complete baby bedroom sets
  • Baby sleep service
  • Bed with different dimensions in different age groups
  • Various and diverse desk desks
  • Library
  • Railcases and wardrobes of various sizes

Our goal is to decorate the new generation rooms and bring beautiful colors to your dream world.
These products pass through different stages of quality assurance and provide you with standard safety and security.

The beach is a brand in the field of furniture production for babies, children, teenagers and youth.

Our company has been active in this field for over two decades and is constantly growing.

In recent years, using modern European machinery and equipment, we have been changing our production line to produce standard and durable products for our valued customers.

Our mission

Working with an active and happy group is the key to our success. Our company policy is pleased with satisfied customers and employees. Our goal is to improve the brand name of the beach in the Iranian furniture market. With this philosophy we know, the most important sources of capital are our customers and our customers, and our most important drivers are our goals, our human resources and our employees. With this in mind, we try to bring satisfaction and happiness to both groups forever, because happiness is the key to success.

Outlook for the future

For a generation that thinks differently and wants to be different from others, we are trying to become a high-end brand among our rivals.
Designing innovative products that communicate with the next generation, catering to the needs of well-known buyers for furniture and accessories tailored to their taste, continuous growth with the help of staff and specialist staff, joining the community to fight environmental pollution and building a more beautiful world for A better generation.